And it’s Spring

Part of the perks of living in Southern California is the amazing weather : it’s essentially “summer all year long”. However this perk can also be a pitfall on the occasion you wish for real seasons.

Case in point: when early Spring hit this year, a few of my photography friends hopped in our cars for an impromptu road trip to the Antelope Valley  to try to catch the wild poppies. To our disappointment, the reserve was empty due to the lack of rain this year. We found a few patches of flowers here and there, but we were really looking forward to a field of flowers: You know, like the ones that you see in engagement photos and every basic girls photo album on Facebook. 

I suppose with a little photo manipulation, one can create the illusion of a flower field, but who has time for that??! 

Flash forward two months to the present and I hear about San Diegos “Flower Fields” Ranch in Carlsbad that has 50 acres of flowers, open to the public once a year. Andthats where I knew I would of finally get my flower fix. I realize that the flowed at the ranch  aren’t wildflowers and you can’t go into the fields (as the tape around the perimeter glaringly warns visitors to stay back) but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I have a small handful of snapshots from this weekend but this is probably my favorite, just because it was my first attempt at trying to catch fast moving objects in focus. Those bees were fast!

Carlsbad, CA – “The Flower Fields” 4/18/16

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