Santorini Sunrises

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Here is one of my favorite “throwbacks” to a sunrise from my visit to Santorni last month. While I am up for sunrise occasionally, I rarely photograph it because coastal sunrises near me are usually not that noteworthy.

Firostefani, Santorini-Greece 3/4/16


Sunrises in Santorini are definitely worth waking up for though: even if you only had 4 hours of sleep.  Here is a shot of my roommates from undergrad watching the sunrise: (believe me, we never woke up that early back in college)

We were one of the few running around at dawn trying to find a high enough vantage point that didn’t involve breaking into private residences or churches to catch the view. We finally found a little ledge to climb up to catch the sun as it rises. And this is perfection.

To top it off, waking up that early meant getting to be the first in line for fresh baked pastries, straight out of the oven.  Piping hot spanakopita for breakfast?  Can’t get better than that!


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