Weekend Warrior

Here’s a flashback shot to when I went on an impromptu weekend trip to Arizona.  Who would have thought me asking a friend “what are you up to this weekend?” would end up in me joining him on a two day road trip?  I’m way too old for this….or am I?

I know how some people say that age is state of mind, and to some degree, I honestly believe that is true. The mind can allow you to do great things if you will it to. But then there is the body, and as much as I genuinely wanted to, this trip was exhausting.  Rule of thumb: don’t try to drive from CA to AZ in a day (and then back from AZ to CA the very next day).

Horseshoe Bend, AZ

But getting here was worth it: this is what I live for.  The beauty of Horseshoe Bend, and just the grand scale of it makes you pause and realize, both literally and figuratively, just how small and insignificant you actually are in your own little “world” that you live in.

And that is why I encourage everyone to travel more. To explore more,m and to take every opportunity to see and do as much as you can, at ANY age, but especially while you are young.

I am though, going to try to allot more days to my next road trip, which is planned for September. So stay tuned…


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