Road Trip on the Volt

I’m not one to plug for cars, but I did a photography road trip to Arizona last week with my friends Chevy Volt (see his pic and link to his blog below).  We had quite a robust agenda: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bend.  So, prior to our trip and unaware that the Volt has a gas tank, I had worriedly asked him if we can “make it” to Arizona because I was pretty sure there won’t be charging stations on the open road.  My friend assured me that we definitely can “make it” and apparently I wasn’t the first person to ask him that very question.

By the way I was wrong! There were charging stations out there! (Well, just Zion, which claims to have a charging station, but we missed it).

Still, with not being able to charge it we still averaged about 43.5 mpg.  In four days, we drove 1, 409 miles and spent about $80 on gas, which is pretty good.

On the Road…1,409 miles in 4 days!

In all though, with a few hiccups, I was able to get some decent photos that I’ll be soon sharing. Unfortunately, and I’ll explain more about this later, I can’t view nor edit any of my raw photos, which really defeats the purpose of shooting in raw, so I guess I’ll have to share my compressed jpeg photos for now.


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