Big Sighs and Sights: Zion

As previously mentioned, I went on a photography road trip last week.

Whenever I list all the stops I was making on my road trip, the reaction I get from everyone who has been to Zion is always the same: a big wistful sigh, a whispered “Zion” and a proclamation of love (to Zion of course, not to me).

Never having been there myself and not wanting to set myself up for disappointment, I kept my expectations low, but already, the first site after driving into the South entrance at sunset blew me away.

Zion National Park

Sigh…how can you not fall in love with this?  Just the contrast alone of the red rocks against the green trees is perfection.

Sunset was definitely not a disappointment. Excited to try a hike for sunrise, my friend and looked up some spots and I found a suggestion from a blog for a “kid friendly” easy hike: Canyon View.

Now I’d like to think of myself as relatively fit: I work out about four to five times a week. This hike is definitely not “easy” nor “kid friendly”: at least not for young children. It has a few steep areas and some places where the path is only a few feet wide on rocky crumbly soil (with a drop to the canyon below).  So unless you want your kid to fall to the seemingly bottomless pit below (or you can count the seconds till you hear the screaming stop if you really want to find out how deep the canyon is)  I really advise against taking young children to this hike.

To be fair, I  hike in the dark as it was before sunrise. Being half blind with just a tiny flashlight hiking along a canyon did not make it any easier.

I digress. The great thing about hiking in the dark is arriving just as the sun rises and seeing this:

Processed with Snapseed.
Canyon View, Zion National Park

I can’t wait to visit Zion again and explore more of the park. There is still so much more to see, and I’m sure each site will be just as stunning.

In  sum…all I can say now is I’ve become one of “those” people.




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