Beach Winters

Summer is classic beach weather for the typical Southern Californian girl, but I’m not that typical. Besides the fact that I don’t find lying in the sand sunning all that appealing, there’s the crowds!  I much prefer the company of non-human things, like dogs and alpacas, but I’m a little odd like that.

Now winter beach weather. There is the winner right there: No humans, and the best color for sunsets!  This is the time I bust out my camera for those winter shots.This is the season where I make the most of my beach time.

This here is a throwback to early Winter. It had just started raining but I could see the sky start to light up so leaving was not an option (but catching a cold was definitely was an option). I had taken off my sweatshirt to make a makeshift poncho for my non water-proof camera.  Lo and behold, I see this stranger hopping on the rocks to take a picture with his cell phone.  Brave man! Naturally, I had to take a picture of him: because it was the only logical thing to do. And such a brave moment must be documented: I would have taken such photo risks myself, but I’m also really clumsy, so knowing me, I would slip and break all my bones.

So there you have it:

My “safe zone”: Laguna Beach, CA





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