The not so little crack in the ground

I think we’ve all seen the iconic Antelope Canyon pictures: whether it be on National Geographic or on social media, but it’s a very popular photo stop journey in Arizona.  To be honest, this overshot place is one of the reasons why I didn’t feel like visiting it, but we had time to kill in Page, AZ, so begrudging, we decided to check it out.

Since it is Navajo county, you need to book a guided tour to visit the place. But in addition to that, you have to pay a $8 fee per person just to enter Navajo land. And that is my gripe, this “tax” that I have to pay for entering the invisible border of  a patch of dry desert land. It’s really not the money, but the principle of the matter, and that is reason number two as to why this place wasn’t on my agenda.

For those of you who not aware, there are two slots, Lower Antelope, and Upper Antelope. Not knowing the difference between the two, we opted for Lower Antelope because it was much more affordable. We also decided not to do the “guided photo tour” because again, it was much more affordable, and we didn’t know the difference as the regular tour allowed cameras.

I still don’t know the difference between the two, though I heard that the Upper canyon has bigger light beams. And even though we did not do the private tour, we still got plenty of great pictures.

Processed with Snapseed.

To be honest, the little nooks all begin to look the same after awhile: it didn’t take long to get over the novelty of being in a giant crack in the ground, and towards the end of the tour, most people in my group were pretty much over it.

In sum, do I recommend it? Hard to say.  I don’t regret visiting, but it didn’t make its mark on one of the most remarkable places I’ve visited, and unlike National Park fees (which I’ve gladly paid for time and time again), I’m not quite entirely sure where all the high entrance fee money goes towards.  I suppose if you really are insistent on seeing it, I would recommend the lower Antelope Canyon and opt out on the photo tour.  There is plenty of time and opportunity to take pictures with the regular tour.


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