To 2017! The Adventure Continues

I decided to kick off 2017 with my brand new annual park pass and the mindset to continue to explore more. 2016 was ea great year in travel: I went to Joshua Tree a few times, Horseshoe Bend twice, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Greece and Turkey. Since kicking off 2016 by going to Joshua Tree was such a success in, this year I decided to head to opposite direction, to Sequoia .

I also decided to start collecting patches for these adventures, but for parks specifically. I admit it’s kind of a dorky thing to do, but as a kid, I was only in Girl Scouts for a few months so never never got into the “collecting patches” phase…so now is my chance!

I don’t know if I’m going to get a patch for every place I visit, because that’s a lot of patches that I will have to figure out to do something with, and I’m not exactly the crafty type. However, since I do plan to take advantage of my Annual National Park pass and I may at least attempt to get patches at all the National Parks I visit.

Sequoia National Park

On a side note, I think everyone who likes the outdoors should purchase a National Park Pass. It’s gives you access to all National Parks for 12 months, for a great price. It’s the best investment! So go! Do yourself a favor and go get your National Park pass now and see why America is really America the Beautiful.


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