The Fall of Tunnel Tree

With great sadness, I learned that the “Pioneer Cabin” tunnel tree over at Sequoia National Park was brought down by the storm over the weekend. It’s a little upsetting to hear.  For one, it is such an iconic part of Sequoia. I remember seeing it as kid when I went on a road trip with my parents and just blown away by the sheer size of these trees. Of course, as a kid, everything is big to you, but you these Sequioas are quite the giant. Nature can be such a cruel mistress. It can take down anything, anywhere.  It reminds me of impermanence, and thus to appreciate things that are around me.

I was just there a few days ago, and regrettably, I wasn’t able to see the tree because the road to Kings Canyon was closed off (probably in anticipation of the storm). On the plus side, I suppose I can be thankful that I just barely missed the storm, because I did not want to end up stuck in Sequoia, but at the same time, I did wish I saw more snow.  I wanted snow capped trees!

It was a treat though, to be the only ones at the park.  My friend and I were probably the first ones there, right before sunrise to take advantage of beating the crowds. But in all, I think most people stayed in because they were fearful of the storm. While we didn’t get a good sunrise, being out there was worth it.

Here is my favorite shot from being alone along the Congress Trail hike by General Sherman, who is still standing strong amount his army. May you stand strong for many years to come!

Congress Trail

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